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(n) A badee (pronounced "buh-dee" or "baddy") can refer to a penis, person, object or style that is being employed at the current moment in time.

The word can be traced through history to ancient Sumeria chronologically starting with "wedad eustice," "webadadio winnebago," "badadio pitts," "badad beans," "boyko badyle," "1 and a half badee."

(adj.) badeed

Note: The term "badeezer" is an alternative form of "badee," usually used to describe more intense situations.
Explain the milf badee over there by the couch.

That's just not my cup of badee.

Walter fucked a 300 lb kosh badeezer and is in need of penicillin.

Is it true that Zach has a one and half badee?
by EyeOfTheBadeezer June 08, 2009
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