1. A bunk or fake penny.

2. A person or thing which is unpleasant, disreputable, or otherwise unwanted, especially one which repeatedly appears at a bad time.
A bad penny always comes back.

After my ex-wife left me and took my house, kids, and savings, I thought I was in the clear. Two months later, like a bad penny, she came for the dog.
by Chris Locust May 11, 2009
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Origin: UK. A person is like a bad penny when he is unwanted yet always "turns up" at unexpected times. The term came from a penny that had its rim bent("turned up") and was useless and of course unwanted, as it wouldn't go into the coin slot of a stall in the public loo.
"Damn Dave, you're a Bad Penny. Why are you back here?"
by Like a bad Penny July 28, 2018
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Our mistakes return to haunt us; also, nasty people have a way of reappearing.
He was embarrassed because A bad penny always turns up to him
by Dictontony May 13, 2022
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