n. a man who services married/committed women i.e. the other guy. The original meaning derives from blues lingo and refers to the guy who comes in through the backdoor of the house, it has nothing to do with anal sex.
"I'm a backdoor man" - Jim Morrison
Once Liz is married, I'll continue to be her backdoor man
by greekmonkey October 12, 2004
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The naked man that is running out your back door when your walking in from a hard days work to support your unfaithful wife.
who the **** was that guy that just ran out you slut!

for a price, i'll be your backdoor man - ac/dc
by theelcaminodude December 27, 2010
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Dan: Did you hear about what Slammin' Sam The Backdoor Man did to Alexis last night?
Me: No?
Dan: He tore her up. I hear she's bleeding today.
by lucyslking April 03, 2010
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The endeavor of sodomizing an active partner or a person to whom which you're affiliated with in a sexual bond. A pre-eminent phrase originally used by Led Zeppelin's Front-man - Robert Plant - in their track "Whole Lotta Love".
girl: "I really like you, but is there anything you would like to share with me before we do it...?"

guy: " I want to be your backdoor man..."

girl: "...."
by Justcallmetiony April 30, 2018
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