using the back side of your hand to smack someone against their face.
I'm gonna back-hand you if you don't shut up!
by Amanda Knight April 29, 2006
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Hit sum with the back of your hand, cracking your knuckles on thier head.
Shut up b4 i back hand u bitch
by Chonger donga April 20, 2005
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When the whore dosen't give up the money the pimp will raise the right hand with his palm facing his face and slap the whore on the left cheek
Pimp: You better give me the rest of the money or ill give you the Back Hand!"
by Cobi♥ September 24, 2006
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A bribe.

To give someone something, normally money for a task without other knowing about it
I back handed that cop for busting me for possession
by Annihalation August 06, 2006
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Luxurious form of male masturbation.

Step 1: Take off/drop pants or unzip.

Step 2: While standing, raise your leg onto a bench, chair or small stool.

Step 3: Reach under the raised leg. Taking a firm grip of The Penis.

Step 4: Maintain ringlike grip on The Penis with thumb and forfinger. Fanning out remaining three fingers.

Step 5: Rub it out. Maintain Fan.
Example 1
Matos: What's up Stef, your looking blue?

Stef: Man, cranking just isn't hitting the spot anymore.

Matos: Dude, just start pumping Back-Hand Fantails, it's like your knob won the lottery.

Example 2
Hayden: Yo, what you up to tonight Big Mattress?

Matt: Just popping off Back-Hand Fantails.

Hayden: Living large!
by M Dogg Diggity April 28, 2009
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A Back handed smile is when somebody smiles without actually showing their teeth or fully grinning. People typically use it when they're too ashamed or self conscious to smile. It is typically used by actor Wyatt Oleff during photos with fans or just in general. It looks incredibly forced and awkward. Its practically smiling yet frowning at the same time.
"Hey dude! Don't back hand smile and just smile normally!"
"But I don't want too!
by harpsichord May 05, 2020
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The back of a girl's vagina, seen when she bends over.
Guys watching a girls softball tournament>
Kale: Hey, is that Christina bending over?
Heath: Oh yeah, you can totally see her Back Hand Apple. Hell yeah!
by mk kiddeh. July 10, 2008
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