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A girl who likes it in the butt
"Dude! You never told me your ex-girlfriend is a back ho!", "Yeah man! ...wait, how do you know that!?"
by The Original Pez July 02, 2008
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To engage in physical relations with a former romantic partner without the intention of reinstating a formal relationship.

Coined by cultural commentator Maia Kushick in the early 21st century.
She should never have backho'd with Joey; you know he's going to get all attached to her again.

Don't booty call her, man! A backho will never be as satisfying as a new relationship.

Yeah, I didn't think I wanted to hook up with Alex again but he called, and it was cool, so I thought I'd fire up the backho!
by Yolanda D March 11, 2009
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An unskilled and correlationally inexpensive whore.
Frustrated by his failure to pick up a woman that evening, and having spent all but two dollars at the bar, Frank decided to comb the back alleys for the rough tugging and tooth-plagued services of a backho. After five minutes of searching he came upon one with rough hands and a cold sore; Frank figured even this was better than nothing.
by Al Littletomatoes March 02, 2010
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An ugly, boring, unpleasant and/or unhygenic woman, often obese, who attempts to compensate socially by engaging in extreme promiscuity.
Although Danielle though her male friends hung around her for her personality, in reality they considered her something of a backho.
by Al Littletomatoes March 04, 2010
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