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Back Yard Cricket. As the name suggests, a game of cricket in the back yard. Generally played by a few m8s using a tennis ball (possibly converted into a 'swing king' with a bit o' duct tape) and often a barbie and a few of Victoria's finest (VB)
"Hey m8, come over for a a few snags and and some BYC"
"Strewth m8 sounds bloody gr8, I'll bring a few ice cold ones"
by KINGLJ November 29, 2012
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Beyond Your Control.

Each letter pronounced, not sounded out.
JOAN: I'm sorry about Friday night...

JEFF: Don't worry, it was BYC
by m0ns00n January 19, 2008
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(n.) BYC; a place in Middle River Maryland. BYC is a yacht club for boats of all sizes, yet also a social club. BYC is a small "island" in middle river. A great party can also be seen after-hours. It may be a party of high-schoolers, or even very, very intoxicated adults. BYC is a great place for waterskiers and wakeboarders alike. IT is often a popular hangout during hurricanes/Noreasters. Times of Intrest: The infamous "Opening Weekend" is one that is seldom remebered (see beer). "Week on the Island," a week where everyone stays on their respictve vessels and parties day and night to their hearts content. "4th of July Weekend" is also popular. Social Groups are split up by 4 categories: A pier, B pier, C pier, and D pier. C pier being the "coolest" of them all. BYC is not only a club, it is a way of life for those who are there.
Winston: Gee, Wadsworth, you look tired. Where were you last night, you must of had a jolly good time?!
Wadsworth: I was at opening weekend at BYC!
by unknown April 02, 2005
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buff young cocks, that is all they do there, buff cocks
rich was buffing cock at the BYC
by Macmillian April 09, 2005
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