verb. 1) to tell someone to "chill"; relax, fall back. 2) commonly used to shut down a stupid remark or completely end a conversation. 3) also used to completely shut down a stupid action another person does. 4) a more stronger form of the verb consists of a double back; i.e. "BACK BACK!". this phrase originated out of the vicinity of Mt. St. Joseph High School in historical Irvington, around the period of 06-07 school years. Its popularity has grown and continues to flourish amongst the Mt. St. Joseph Community and is begining to spread at a rapid paste. Although to term's weight itself is hard to grasp, one must take time as practice to completely master its effectiveness

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1) Stupid Kid: "Hey man guess what I did last weekend?"
Beastly Kid: "What man?"
Stupid Kid: "I got so much ass from these hott chics from _______"
Beastly Kid: "Uh... BACKKK!"
2) Stupid Kid: "Hey man you know who u look like?"
Beastly Kid: "Who?"
Stupid Kid: "Abe Lincoln hahaha"
Beastly Kid: "BACKKK!"
3) Stupid Kid: (decides to go to weight room and put on some rap and dance to it)
Beastly Kids in Weight Room: "BACKKK!"
4) Stupid Kid: "Dude im so nice at basketball"
Beastly Kid: "Uh... Back"
Stupid Kid: "Yo i'd fry you"
Beastly Kid: "BACK BACK!"
by Ca$h MunE May 18, 2007
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a slang word for the US Dollar.
Derived from the word greenbacks, for the USA's green paper bills.
by Alicia Notforbush August 02, 2005
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Plural for back

The collective backsides, or asses, of a group of good-looking females.
<as a group of hot girls walks by> Damn dude, did you see their backs?!

... Look at those backs, wow.
by FreeBirthFreddy February 17, 2006
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A place in line behind someone who is already in line. See also, fronts.
Don't go to the end of the line. I'll give you backs.
by Downstrike December 23, 2004
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1. expressing a return to an earlier or normal condition
I will be right back i need to use the restroom
by Sagority August 04, 2018
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Being awesome, feeling awesome, or doing somthing awesome.
example 1
Dude 1."Dude i just smoked that blunt"

Dude 2."How do you feel"

Dude 1."I feel fuckin back!"

example 2: "Holy shit i just caught a fly! im fuckin back!!
by 606 Brick squad big joe November 29, 2010
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