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a fat lazy cracka ass cracka commonly found in oliver beach maryland. Known mostly for saying" i got a lil ass meat, or i got a small dick" and strange idiotic dolphin noises. Also known for fucking couches(leather)lol and tryn to get with realy realy skinny white hoes.A.K.A. Samuel Tyler Glisan
bob who the hell do you think you are telling everyone you got a small meat who the fuck are you baby t?
by dustin peddicord March 09, 2008
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a sausage shaped, mixed breed, female canine known for sharp intelligence, large appetites, loose bottoms and disgusting habits (i.e. smelling their own farts and digging tampons out of the trash)

t short for turd
damn, baby t, that fart is fuchi !!
by supernikki June 06, 2006
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