it’s what you call your bestfriends when you come out as lesbian. means baby and girlfriend in one 😙
by gsmith February 4, 2021
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The lowest on the chain of nubs. Use only on nubs that think they are elite.
Halo 2 Nub: lyke omg, i soo pwn3d j00!!1 lolololol
Halo 2 Pro: stfu, you baby chicken nublet
by sagger August 8, 2006
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A new type of creature created using science when a chicken egg is about to hatch pouring a mixture of liquid with a human's DNA creates something beautiful. with the head of a kid and the body of a chick the longer you look at it the more natural it looks.
Oh my goodness Chicken Baby is adorable !!
by ChickenBabyYT October 21, 2017
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1. A girl that loves to eat at KFC all too frequently.
2. One who exclaims mmmm, gooood shhickennnn while eating it.
She must be a chicken baby, I see her at KFC all the time.
by kickstand October 3, 2003
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A mythic child who speaks without sound. A good Friend. A kind spirited Gazoo whom is often misunderstood. A true fact.
"Chicken Baby I am confused about life"

(Telepathicly) It is true one can not see as well in the fog. But the fog is soft, take the time to let your feelings guide you now."
by Tsudo Nimm August 13, 2011
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An insulting term declared to friends, normally to provoke them into rage.
Are you just gonna sit there and do nothing? You chicken baby charbutt!
by curley jefferson January 7, 2017
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