The most self-righteous, self-important, incredibly arrogant generation of all time. The progeny of the Greatest and Silent Generations, who grew up with the hardship of the Great Depression and won World War 2, the baby boomers had everything handed to them on a silver platter from day 1.

They act as if the world (particularly THEIR progeny, Generations X and Y) owes them a gigantic debt of gratitude for how they perceived they changed society. They romanticize their promiscuous, drug-induced escapades as having been some sort of Earth-shaking cultural movement that changed the course of history. As if they were the first and last generation to get fucked up and have random sex, and as if that somehow changed the world.

By the 80s every hippie had somehow lost touch with his values of altruism, free love, and selflessness, and had transformed into a suit-wearing, cutthroat yuppie. By now he's a middle-class suburbanite slob. Growing increasingly irrelevant, the baby boomer is trying to insist that his generation was God's gift to the world when in reality it was a selfish, petty, hedonistic generation that turned its back on everything it once stood for.

With modern medicine and a society that is increasingly health-conscious, the boomers are guaranteed to live on for decades beyond their utility, leeching off their posterity (a younger generation smaller than their predecessors, the first Americans who failed to reproduce at a sustainable rate) to the very end.
Baby Boomers: You punk kids should show some respect for your elders!

Punk Kid: Weren't you the ones who invented the phrase "Don't Trust Anyone Over 30?"
by Hubert Cumberdale Jr. July 25, 2010
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Spoiled, arrogant, and self-absorbed, Baby boomers will try to convince you that they are the "greatest generation".

Baby boomers seem to be stuck in the 1960's and are convinced that the art of music peaked in that era, and therefore think highly of Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and The Doors; yet they think Classical Music is "crap".

Baby boomers are self-conscious and insecure about their own advancing age, so they address 20 and 30-somethings as children and teenagers in order to feel "young". They marry, and even have kids, with people more than half their age. They also drive around in sports cars in a laughable attempt to act "cool" and "with it", despite the fact these same people have no grasp on modern technology.

Baby boomers tend to call Gen X and Gen Y "lazy", "entitled", and "stupid", and act like they are perfect despite the fact the boomers had everything handed to them, as opposed to their parent's generation, who had to suffer through the great depression and WW2, and their children (Gen X and Y) who have to suffer through the worst economic downturn since the depression, which the boomers are responsible for creating in the first place with their whole "me me me" attitude.

Baby boomers can't accept the fact their generation is becoming irrelevant. They refuse to retire and pass the torch to the succeeding generations. Because if they had their way, they would be in control of politics and big business until they are all dead.
Example #1: Baby boomers were against the war in Vietnam in the 60's, but SUPPORTED the war in Iraq in the 2000's.
Example #2: Baby boomers are the main reason for the problems in the world today.
Example #3: Baby boomers are bitter because they are now seniors.
by Disgruntled Gen-Xer April 30, 2014
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Older generation that act like toddlers with too much power.
That baby boomer missed the early bird meal, pitched a tantrum, and drove his town car into the side of the building.
by Jtrock712 November 8, 2020
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Generation of entitled, materialistic narcissists who express anger and bafflement that the half-assed parenting they exhibited due to putting their own 'needs' first somehow resulted in succeeding generations of spoiled, materialistic narcissists.
"Funny how Baby Boomers hate millenials for being just like them."
by Poshlost December 4, 2019
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Baby boomers are the generation of people who decided to mess everything up and leave it up to the generation after them to clean everything up and deny they did anything wrong in the first place. Often by changing the subject by talking about how technology dumbs down kids and talking about how kids are so entitled. They may show a political cartoon, a type of meme for old people, usually showing how technology is ruining the youth.
20 y/o: Grandpa, why didn't you replace the toilet paper roll. There's only one sheet left.
Baby Boomer Grandfather: I didn't use all of it. Its not my job to replace it. Why do all of you kids feel so entitled now-a-days? Probably those damn Iphones and gameboys and pokemons you dumb millennials play with. Damn evilspawns.
by Really Aesthetic August 11, 2019
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An American who was born between 1941 and 1955. This generation is collectively known as "the baby boomers" or "the boomers" and was given everything it ever wanted through the hard work of its parents. Many of these boomers grew up to be self-righteous individuals who today are attempting to destroy every well-meaning public service program in existence.

In response to the 1970's oil crisis, the boomers passed legislation to expand the fuel efficiency of motorized vehicles. After the crisis subsided however, the boomers decided to forgo their efforts instead of learning from the experience, causing America to pay dearly today as a result. Their ridiculous spending in the housing market only combined with this folly to produce the economic meltdown that the country knows all-too-well today.

Favorite pass-times include bullying 20-somethings over perceived irresponsibility, overeating, not exercising, spending large sums of money, and introducing corrupt maladaptive political legislation. Unfortunately specific examples would not serve to prove these concepts well, as no set of examples could sufficiently express the sheer stupidity and foolishness that the boomers have exhibited time and time again in The United States of America.

Overall, their generation will go down in the history books as being the most selfish and maladaptive the world has ever known.
College Student: "Wait, so you're telling me that just because I'm not over the age of 24 the federal government refuses to acknowledge the fact that I am financially independent and thus will not give me any more financial aid than I can already acquire?"
Financial Aid Adviser: "That's right. I'm sorry to say it, but the Baby Boomers just don't care about your generation that much... I'm sorry."
by a college student- May 16, 2011
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This fucking baby boomer fought no wars, underfunded the welfare state, failed to have any kids, bought the White Album and was a generally self-righteous hippy cunt while Rome burned. Now he wants MY taxes to pay his pension and medical costs for 40 years of mounting senility? Fuck that.
by Lord Grimcock January 8, 2008
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