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Large layers of fat that form in bewtween the shoulder blades, often resembling boobs. Most commonly found in fat women.
Dude, she getting so fat she has baboobs.
by Mandy Barrick March 26, 2005
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When a man or woman has too much back fat, and they wear a tight shirt or tank top, making it look like they have boobs on their back.
Yo man look at that chick over there, shes got huge baboobs!
by 17.5man May 16, 2010
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gigantic bouncy testicles on baboons that defy gravity and eventually land the baboons on pluto. The baboobs are the size of yoga balls and produce gigantic sperm used for transportation.
The baboobs on that baboon were huge!
by LeenieBeanieBaboob November 09, 2006
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