(adj.) an adjective used to describe the relative size of the object in question.

(noun) balls that are used in the art of yoga to bounce and stretch on.
Finn- "Fudge man, this place is yoga balls huge!"

Jake- "Yoga balls aren't that huge, Finn."
by Dano Bano December 15, 2011
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Pronun key: (Yoh-gah-ball)
1.A giant rubber ball, used for Yoga, a type of exercise, in which they bend, and flew over the ball, to become more bendable, and more flexible.
2. A giant rubber ball, which people use for Ball ball, in which, the baller/Jumper, holds the ball and the charger rams into the ball, "launching" the baller.
1.Person 1:Wanna go do some yoga?
person 2: Alright, I gotta get flexible anyways. I'll get the yoga ball.

2.Person 1:Yo! Let's go be idiots and play some ball ball!
person 2: Alright man! Let's go!

10 minutes later.
person 2:I knew I shouldn't have been the baller...
person 1: It's just a broken leg, you're fine.
by Me-Hung-Low August 19, 2006
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The holy item that is held by the second last dungeon guardian, snake/serpent boss Russel. You can find the yoga ball within the dungeon's last structure "Oliver's room" and can be fought over for in the closet. The Yoga Ball, used in Russel's hand as his main weapon can be dropped within the 6.99 - 911% drop rate range. Stats: | Attack Power = ∞ | Speed = ∞ | Weight = 0.3kgs | Magic Power = 69 000 000 | Rarity = SS+ (Super Sex) | Side Bonus = Grants the user the most powerful item in the game for Melee, Ranged and Arcane attacks. Buffs all accessories and provides various damage, defence and speed multipliers. Deals instant damage, wounding damage as well as damage, speed and defence debuffs for opponent dealt damage to. Allows super bounce motions for movement speed, attack speed, melee attacks and ranged attacks. Can be used in armour slot for ∞ protection | "The most sex item any mortal can wield. It is as soft as Russel's fat and is as bouncy as the air track. You are truly overpowered and now ready to fight the unholy entity himself . . . Gustoplolis Prime." You can get all the girls with this super sex item.
*Random player*: "Ohhhh he has the yoga ball. He's so hot he's even wearing Zara."
Leonardo Pecunha: "Man, this is how you become a champion."

Use the yoga ball to bum fuck all your enemies off the map
by Rotha8807 September 10, 2021
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A game where 3 people stand in a line and another person faces them all. That one person then gets to slap one person, lick another and fondle with the last person's genitals, breast or vagina.
Watch tosh.o on Comedy Central, and then you will know.

Slap, Lick, Fondle (Big Ass Yoga Balls)
by Flogendorf July 24, 2012
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When you leave a yoga class feeling unsatisfied, or unfulfilled.
Yeah that class was ok, but I still have yoga blue balls.
by YesIamthankyoumaam November 4, 2015
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Bean’s worst enemy. She had fallen off of it many a time.
No one:
Not a single soul:
by brianjune November 23, 2019
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