Someone you love and you call her babe instead of her real name
Hey babe, what's for dinner?
Babe instead of you cooking let me cook.
Shut up babe.
by Bob the builder for life bitch September 28, 2015
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A word used to descibe someone you love./Hot girl.
Hey babe you look great.
She's a babe.
by Padme* December 27, 2016
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Babe is a special person In your life. Don’t lose them it hurts. If you have a babe cherish every moment you get with he/she. If their down let them know your here for them always. I love you babe.
Hey babe
Hi babe
Can I use this
Sure anything for you
by _Low_rider_ March 16, 2019
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basically it’s when you’re in a relationship or in a friendship and you’re bare close so you call eachother babes.
someone: what’s up babes
someone else: nothing much
by example of a handle... February 23, 2019
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