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b8 (or bait) is in compliance with the definition of "trolling". Someone who is b8ing will try to annoy a group of people using faulty information, use the infamous "your mom" jokes when someone takes the poster seriously, and may purposefully use awful grammar.
The eight in b8 can be used to create assonance throughout a paragraph.
On a game thread...
B8er: Ocarina of Time was the shitties game ever made.
B8 taker: F*ck you, that's the best game ever made, you uncultured swine!
Passing commenter: You took the b8, m8. Like ur mom did.
On a firearms thread...
B8er taker: *presents factual evidence as to why b8er is wrong*
B8er: While I agree with you, you took the b8.
To a b8er: Gr8 b8 I r8 8/8 no h8
by Β‘Captain Obvious! January 28, 2015
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B8 (sometimes written bait or beight) is an exceptionally popular slang term which came about in the early 21st century. Its generally flexible meaning of 'bad' or 'poor' gave it cult status and wide spread usage, which, inevitably led to various adaptations. These are numerous and include binse, b8 rinse, b8 coichen life and b8 coichen du two rinse and so on...
"Mate, this is fuckin' b8"
"Shit look outside, its raining b8!"
"You're B8"
"B8 life!"
by Marcoiche Cardinse February 07, 2008
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Known as B8, Board 8, or the GameFAQs Contests message board. During GameFAQs annual character contest, the board is linked to from the poll, and is used for the discussion of the characters and the progression of the contest. During the off-season, B8 becomes a sort of social board. Possibly the worst message board on Full of inane morons. Stay away.
1. After final round in the character battle, B8 becomes de-linked, and PotD becomes re-linked. This results in massive flooding of PotD by lost users looking to discuss the contest.

2. PotD>>>B8
by Random Person #32 December 15, 2007
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This is mainly found on websites such as stickam. B8ing, also typed as bating is what it sounds like. Masturbating on webcam, for the most part.
Dude: "Hey, wanna b8 tonight?"
Chick: "Can't until my mom goes to bed."
by keeblercookies July 13, 2010
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B8 is basically B&. Some people oftenly read B& (banned) as B8 (bait)
OMG l0elz LUE teh r0xX0rs

^ B8
by Studs Terkel February 24, 2005
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