jamiey boyfriend ;-)

claire is my bestfriend

toofy and jamie live at bittersweet farm
they like to pick pumpkins, and do the obstacle course :-)
by bittersweet farm May 02, 2004
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i got really jealous when i found out my boyfriend and this girl were texting and snapchating b&f🙄
by Julia's best friend! January 19, 2017
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when those fucking marathon runners are closing in on a newby runner, you'll often see the newby taking a convenient (and not at all obvious) stretch break.. going back and forth - a.k.a. b & f - from one leg to the other until it's safe to start walking without being noticed by the not-so-newby
"i can hear the fucking marathon runner coming! quick! do the b & f!"
by B & F-er January 17, 2007
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Butt Fuck !!!!! "YEAHHHHAAA"
Luke and Eric Butt Fuck when there drunk!!!!
by A and T- UNIT November 28, 2004
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