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1. More Victorious
2. Most victorius
Pronunciation key-(Uthd-Fur)
1. Azfar really wrecked shop on that new kid
2. He hasnt met anyone until hes met Azfar The Great
3. Sawal's head blew up in sheer amazement of Azfar
4. Girls in Austin love Azfar they have all fantasized about him at one point in their life
5. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete. All of
Azfar's bones are stronger than tungsten.
6. There are only a few things common between people and Azfar. For instance, Azfar hates emo people too.
7. Azfar once tossed a dwarf at a Mecallica concert. When questioned, Azfar said, "Times were different. Dwarves weren't real people then."
8. Azfar recently opened an award-winning 5 star resturant that serves nothing but microwave dinners which have been reheated with his scrotum.
by Meelad February 07, 2006
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