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The name Aysu is a Turkish feminine name. Separately, the word 'Ay' means moon in Turkish and 'su' means water. All together it means "As bright as the moon and as clean as the water". The name is sometimes confused with the name 'Aysun'
"Hey have you heard of the new girl Aysu? "

"Yes,her name has a beautiful meaning"
by Ava Bennett April 16, 2017
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Aysu is very responsible and creative girl.She mostly comes with new ideas.She loves her friends,so do they.Aysu has a great style and humour.She always knows how to make my day or make someone smile.Aysu loves animals. Her favourite animals are penguins.She likes to eat ice-cream and travel around the world.
-Hey is that Aysu?
-I guess so
-She is so smart
by secret buddy June 18, 2018
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