Awwe, she's so cute~ NOT!
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
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used in many different forms, as a greeting, as a question, its a great word, or set of words if you will.
1.)i shit i go killed aww

2.)what the hell aww aww

3.)You: Hey Dipps, whats are you doin this weekend?

Other Dude: Oh, Im going to the movies with some hot chick.

You: Aww??

4.)A greeting....when u see me, u go awww aww
by .Aww. January 28, 2009
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An expression of endearment, or when you feel like something is cute/sweet/touching/whatever

Something you have to say when you read this definition of dad. So sweet.
Me: Aww that song made me cry

Tyler: You're such a pussy
by tinkerbelll July 4, 2004
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A word used to describe what girls think are anything cute, sweet, sad, good or bad.
Tommy: I miss you
Cindy: Aww...
by Cyber Ghost March 22, 2004
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term of endearment; a reply to someones compliment or empathy.
your profile pic is soo nice!

awww, thanks!
by 092839444 December 4, 2011
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Adjective: When describing a noun, a cute picture, exclaiming the Awe inspiration of said noun.
The picture you posted of that kitten is full of awwness.

Cute D'aww Awe
by Kerri René Peek March 14, 2015
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"Poor me, I'm alone in the White House"

"They don't have the right shade of eyeliner at Walmart"
by Grizzlyshibe April 3, 2019
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