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A musician guilty of particularly heinous acts, especially pedophilia.
"You hear? Gary Glitter was booed off stage during karaoke in prison."
"Not surprised, the guy's an awfultune."
by Ashleightrace February 06, 2019
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The United States' top buyer of royalty free lofi beats and fake Instagram followers. Attained a small Spotify following by imitating the appearance and behavior of Buffalo Bill.
It's rumored that, if removed from social media for more than a day at a time, Awfultune will wither and die.
by bilbeep February 15, 2019
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a transgender musician that makes great music. everyone deemed her as problematic until the rumours were cleared up. very heavily labelled as a melanie martinez lookalike.
guy 1: "who's your favourite music artist?"
guy 2: "i love awfultune! she's so great!"
by lilacflame May 20, 2019
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