Awesome and fantastic. Generally said as a one-word sentence.
So we're going to the club tonight? Awesometastic.
by Shirazz June 11, 2004
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Better than awesome but not as good as fantastic. But when combined together it is better than the two.

Used to make things seem very awesome even when they are not.
Oh my GAWD!!!!!! That sleep-over last night was so AWESOMETASTICAL!!!!!!

by ms.awesometasticalz February 21, 2010
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To be awesometastic takes knowledge, courage and outrageous awesomeness. Like a rubberfish awesome. Witty and charming.
by Rubberfish April 10, 2011
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It's a mix of Awesome and Fantasic! :D
"Whoa, that was Awesometastic!"
by NatRiehl1993 January 21, 2009
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Awesome + Fantastic

Used in places where either of the above words will not suffice
techie2200 is the most awesometastic guy on the planet
by techie2200 March 2, 2005
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Its a word you can use when you see something sooooo cool but cant find the right word to descirbe it so thats when you put awesome and fantastic together to form the word awesometastic
person) OMG did you see that he just did flippen 5 back flips in the air !!!

person2) I know it was awesometastic
by Morgana95 March 28, 2009
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