To be not only awesome, but to be beyond awesome.

To be not only amazing, but to be beyond amazing.

Used by people who have the large urge to add 'tastical' at the end of everything. Like amazingtastical, or supertastical.
"HOMG! Your Awesometastical!"
by Coralie B September 21, 2007
Better than awesome but not as good as fantastic. But when combined together it is better than the two.

Used to make things seem very awesome even when they are not.
Oh my GAWD!!!!!! That sleep-over last night was so AWESOMETASTICAL!!!!!!

by ms.awesometasticalz February 21, 2010
When awesome and fantastic had hot sex, they created awesometastic.

((Via Prabha's world))
That guy over there is so awesometastic! He makes me happy in my panties.
by Rawr-i-fic Ray August 18, 2006
the penultimate degree of awesomeness one can be. Origin: 'awesome' + 'fantastic'. See also wordSwalestastic/word
Oh my God, was that Poison concert ever awesometastic! Now let's go and have a snack.
by Vampiro August 25, 2003
a combination of three words: awesome, fantsatic, and wonderful. To be used in situations were something is awesome, wonderful and fantastic... at the same time!
So how is you day so far?
Oh me? Mine was awesometastical
by awesometastical fantabulous February 8, 2008
Awesometastic: something that is so fantastically awesome it blows your mind away leaving only a mind in which all you can here is the beating of the heart and no thoughts.
When that person solved that rubiks cube, it was so awesometastic it wiped my mind blanker than tundra of snow.
by marschaos2 November 13, 2009
a word describing sumthin thats both awesome and fantastic, so that it enables one to have a more exciting and magical feel.
"the partey tonite is gna b sooo awesometastic, can't wait!!"
by shhhr.. March 30, 2009