Def. 1 - A thing which is extravagantly cool

Def. 2 - Nikolas homestyle Awesome Sauce (goes great with potatoes)
EX. 1 - Wow that shit is awesomesauce, i would tap that

Ex. 2 - Damn this Awesome sauce is Awesome Sauce with POTATOES
by Nuclear Nik November 4, 2006
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The best sauce you will ever have but you will never have some because ONLY Chuck norris is so awsome he can only use it!
Jake: Pass me that awesome sauce!

Tim: no man your not awsome enough!

Chuck norris: pass me that awsome sauce!

Tim: here ya go!

Chuck norris: For shame Jake for Shame!!!
by Chuck norris February 27, 2013
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Someone, or something is so epically awesome. Like exponentially awesome. So Crazy awesome it melts into awesome sauce. You almost can't define how awesome it really is!
Tha girl you have on a pedestal is pretty awesome sauce.
by SomeDirtyGuy December 31, 2015
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The milky white substance that spews forth from the Torpedo of Truth. Also known as cum
I covered this chicks tits with awesome sauce
by dinyab April 14, 2011
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a phrase originated by me after watching the "Rocket Sauce" episode of Tenacious D. has many uses

1. noun. an exclamation pointing out that something has reached the pinnacle of coolness.

2. noun. a fictional aura that accompanies the cream of the crop, referred to as if it were a liquid form of badass

3. adj. used to describe anything that cannot get any better, the peak of its potential

4. noun. an attack in which the attacker uses his index finger to flip his victim's pectoral region so hard, the victim is knocked to the ground and smacks his head on the floor. "AWESOME SAUCE" must be yelled during this attack

5. noun. the official drink of AssyriA and their new brand of Texan thrash metal. mix one shot of Crown Royal with enough CHERRY coke to turn the mixture as dark as possible (a la blacktooth grin), serve over ice if desired, sprinkle the top with Kool-Aid mix for flavor
1. Ryan: Dude! i just beat Mortal Kombat with nothing but Flawless Victories!
Bo: Awesome Sauce!

2. Anthony: the new Dean guitars are drenched in Awesome Sauce

3. John: this new Testament album is fuckin Awesome Sauce


5. Tyler: alright dude...that show was fuckin badass, let's get fucked up
by Bo F. Mendez March 24, 2006
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