The best singer in the World.. I have seen all the previous negative definitions and wondered 2 things...

Can't people learn how to spell properly..
Have the authors ever been to an Avril concert..

Also the attempts at 'clever' sarcasm fall so flat they must have been hit by a steam roller..

Rock on Avril.. ( A thumbs up taller than Mount Everest )
Avril Lavigne is just over 5 feet of pure dynamite..Wrapped in a beautiful
by Ivan Galliver May 18, 2006
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A kick-ass singer who battled and survived Lyme Disease who is known for her songs 'Complicated' 'Sk8er Boi' & 'Girlfriend.
Avril Lavigne is releasing her new album on Febuary 15 2019.
via giphy
by ElPepsitasteGood January 18, 2019
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A complete FAKE who thinks she rocks so hard, supported one-handedly by a legion of ignorant 10-year-old skanks who know nothing about music and also worship the "hard", "punk"-"band" Good Charlotte among with Britney and Christina and Justin Timberlake and Busted; Also religiously stick to the tips given in the articles about "how to rock HARD" from Mizz. Pretends that she is able to play the guitar and write songs, and dresses up really "punk RAAAAWK", which, by assumption relating to her is over-night punk by simply wearing a tie and wristband and demonstrating a severe lack in any grammatical or spelling skills by corrupting "skater boy" to "sk8r boi", which is just plain townie. Apparently likes the real stuff like Green Day, but this is really just to redeem herself in the eyes of the more intelligent people, but really worships Shania Twain.Desperately needs to die. And it's Avril LAVIGNE for gods sake. Not that you'll really care because she's the word "wrong" personified.

See shit,crap
Avril Lavigne:"Omigaaaawd I am so, like, punk RAAAAAAAAAAWK, yeah, I'm, like, getting more famouser everyday, yeah, all the REAL grunjaaaas and the goths and the punks, like, worship me *10-year-old-skank-"punk"-fans scream. Sorry? I just went deaf*, look at me play my guita-"
Person with a functioning brain:"Shut the f*ck up, b*tch!"
by Drakavie February 28, 2005
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Looks very cute with or without makeup.Often labeled as wanna be punk rocker cause of her first cd. she changed her style with her second cd which is popular rock.By the way most good punk music is crap.offspring and greenday and stone temple pilots if they are punk are the best of the punk genre groups the rest suck. avril has a nice voice acupella and even better in the studio with voice enhancing techniques.
avril lavigne is cute
by besa mi culo May 27, 2006
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Awesome Signer :) And everyon who likes to be everyone else who is afraid to be disliked hates her .. GAWD GET UR OWN LIFE WTF!

Avril Lavigne is Awesome:D
The Avril Lavigne Concert was awesome in Vancouver
by Nikiiiii April 01, 2008
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ok so you hate AV. you think she's a poser/biatch. Well let me tell you something, mr. poopy-pants. AV is confident. She sings well compared to her peers. She also sings better than anyone who's ever posted anything here. You guys are shallow and jealous, and probably American, too. If you're going to post something, make it accurate, and not mean. What if she saw these postings? what would she tiink? She wouldn’t tink notan, she’s not gonna seeim!
I would be sad. I would have a big frown on my big face. If she was so bad, then where all her moneys comes from? And she's not ugly at all, to say the least. If you saw some midget on the street, would you come here to make fun of him? I don't think so. That midget would have pain in heart.

In terms of her cents of style, just have respect for it. People are allowed to wear what they want, sing what they want, do what they want. That’s why I killed him, chief, because I could.
So, next time the pizza boy comes around, you tellim to respect avril lavigne. Then you gonna payim well, son. I do.
Yes, inspiring too.
To those who posted those messages, fukum all. Just play by the rules, play fair, and you might just win double the prise money. Do you understand?

"Dear edditors, since I know you will read this, can you please put this definition first or on the first page? There's nothing but bad comments on the first couple of pages. Otherwise, I might hate you for your inconvience just kidding. And erase this quote after your done."
to Avril Lavigne: Here's an example of a disgraseful poser: you guys who posted those bad things? how many of you still live at home? it's O.K. not to answer if your too ashamed. also, say hello to you mama!
by hadrian May 04, 2006
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Avril Lavigne is a talented musician...Need I say more?

-She writes most of her songs and they make sense.
-She can actually sing...Sure, her performances in 2002-2004 weren't good, but in 2005, her voice completely changed. It was amazing.
-Avril has her own style and she's not a "wanna-be".
-With or without makeup, she's gorgeous, in MY opinion.
-Avril Lavigne changed her style. Her "punk" style was before. It's now over with. She changed it to something more feminine.
-Does not lip-sync. =

And besides, to those people who are like, "AVRIL IS A POSEUR ONGZ ~*~*~", I can garuantee them that they haven't even heard some of her music, not even one song of her's. Also, the way she dresses, does it REALLY matter to you? Just because she wears black and more black, who gives a crap about it?
"It's Av-ril, not "Uh-Varil". -Avril Lavigne
by Saera September 16, 2006
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