Vulgar french word meaning to fuck (as in sexual intercourse).
Can also mean to kiss, in which case it is usually used as a noun (ex: faire un baiser à quelqu'un).
Je vais baiser ta mère la pute! (I'm going to fuck your whore of a mother).

Baise-moi, saloppe! (Fuck with me, bitch)

Le soldat fît un dernier baiser à sa femme avant d'aller se faire exploser la geule à la guerre. (The soldier gave a last kiss to his wife before going to get his head blown off at war
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How to say 'French kiss' in French.
This means literally "To kiss with the tongue", which is the standard definition of a French Kiss. This is unconjugated. You should conjugate it when you use it. See the example.
Nous baisons toujours avec nos langues.
Ma petite amie et moi baisons avec nos langues.
Baiser avec la langue is the base form.
by The Greece in the Pink May 18, 2009
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