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A person (usually a woman) who exudes sex appeal through their "trashy" appearance.

Amy Winehouse has a sultry voice but that combined with her attire, tattoos, face and attitude make her attrashtive.

by Scott Maida January 17, 2008
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This is what happens when skanky girls drink too much alcohol.

Absolute trash, opposite to attractive.

A messy drunk girl who is smoking even though she doesn't actually smoke, with smudged make-up all over her face, torn clothing with fresh alcohol stains, messed up hair, extremely loud, may believe that she can sing, and attempts to and fails. Makes out with a variety of horny boys looking to take advantage of her. The girl who at the end of the night is vomiting and/or passed out.

Basically you wouldn't want to take her home.
Eww look at Sarah! She is sooo attrashtive tonight! What a skank.
by jud3 June 12, 2008
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An adjective that describes a trashy, yet surprisingly hot chick.
A girl from Jersey Shore

Guy #1: Yo man did you see that new chick on Jesery Shore?

Guy #2: Yeah, she seems like a skank though, she was wearing almost nothing

Guy #1: True. She was lookin' good though. Pretty attrashtive in my opinion.
by Curt54121 January 25, 2011
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Those people you would normally think of as "white trash" but they're kind of good looking.

Someone you would never consider dating but yet you think they're kind of hot.
"Wow, that guy could be such a hunk if he wasn't such a loser!"

"I can't believe my neighbor is only 22 years old and on welfare. But man does she look good in shorts and a tank top!"

Casey Anthony is attrashtive.
by Lester McDouglas August 08, 2011
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