Atsukos’ are girls who are very modest and don’t know how to respond to compliments! She was care for you whoever you are. Atsuko also means ‘Lucky.’
‘‘I’d rather be an Atsuko than a millionaire
by CrazyPLL214 July 30, 2018
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The name Atsuko is of Japanese origin and means pure, innocent, warm and child. It is also connected to the words kindness, honest, deep, true, sincere and profound emotions.
Atsuko is a very popular japanese name
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Atsuko Kagari is a character from Little Witch Academia. It's popular around 2018 if I'm not wrong. I didn't like the ending though
Person 1 : Atsuko Kagari is my fav character! I hope she becomes a witch like Shiny Chariot (♡∀♡)

Person 2: o h
by sus monke insect lover May 24, 2021
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