A sex position involving pinning a chair over someone's chest and shitting on their face
Max asked for a chariot when visiting the local strip club.
by Dn201 February 3, 2020
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To grab ones nipples and proceed to have intercourse in between the breasts, distinctively flapping the breasts with a whipping motion of the nips as if you were holding the reigns of a chariot.
My breezy was on the rag, so I decided to hit her up chariot style.
by Robbie C-Shot May 8, 2003
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To grab your biznitch's wrists while taking from the backside, and extend her arms at full length behind her back so as to whip them up and down, to and fro, like reigns on a horse-drawn chariot.
by Stabonski March 28, 2003
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Act of removing the driver's seat of one's car so that an individual may penetrate a woman from behind in doggystyle fashion while she operates the gas and brake pedals with her hands; the chariot driver steers. Best announced by yelling "THE CHAAAARIOT" out the car window.
The chariot race ended in disaster because Mandy could not see when to hit the brakes.
by Adam Felts January 14, 2007
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an insane sexual move created by 2 insane freshman at bowie high. it is preformed by getting 4 hos. then you tie them up with chains and buttfuck them as they drag you along in a chariot on thier hands and knees until they have bloody stupms. while they drag you you must put olive oil on your dick and set it on fire while you buttfuck them and then drink gasoline and piss napalm all over them. then carve pentagrams on thier backs with a rusty knife and pour chickens blood all over them (while you buttfuck them and piss napalm all over them). finnaly when they die (in like 10 minutes) you crucify them and the entire spectacle must be performed on the freeway.
stanley: "oh man did you see what donnie did??"
alex: "no what did i miss?"
stanley: "he just performed the chariot"
alex: "youve gotta be shitting me,, that move is impossible!!"
by STANLEY_THE_MANLEY August 14, 2008
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This is a very tricky sex move. The guy must be wearing socks, the girl must have pigtails and it must be done on hardwood floor. WHile having doggy style sex on the floor you grab both ponytails to hold onto (the reins) and say something insulting (you really look like your mother from back here) while she is trying to get away the man must crouch low, this makes her pull the man making him slide across the floor imitating a chariot
Last night I was with this ho, so I charioted her around my living room
by The Gark March 16, 2011
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