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The name “Atra”is a very rare Assyrian name, The word “Atra”means a country by the Assyrian language. The name “Atra”can be used for both genders . Its a boy & girls name , There are not so many people with the name “Atra” , but so many of Assyrians name their child that , “Atra” might be strange name to some people, But the word “Atra” is used by many Assyrians .
Example 1 : oh look Atra over there lets tell her/him to join us !
Example 2: ana balkit azan el kha atra kheta.

Translation : I might go/ move to another country.
by Billieelish November 20, 2020
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You can have them bimbos,
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Atra is the most gorgeous person in this planet. she is very smart and even Einstein would be shocked over how intelligent and creative she is. she likes to keep up with the rules and keep everything basic and casual but if you're the lucky one to be able to lurk out the inner true crazy part of her soul you will be amazed by all the things she can do.

deep inside under the pretty face there is this core fild up with the energetic, dirty, and fun person.

it's not easy to get into her inner cicle but if you manage to take your friendship/relationship there there is no doubts that she would be there for you in any weather and always stand up for you.

she is a real one and you will never be able to find someone closely like her.

even the most self confident boys are scared of walking up to her because they think they are out of her league, and so they are.

Atra is very succeed in everything and never gives up. She has this competing sparks inside of her and always reach for the highest goals.

she is very family oriented, and for her the true friends are also family.

And lastly did i forget to say that her best friends name is probably Sara :))

you will always luuvvv Atra cuz nothin' else is possible!!
Girl 1 : have you seen that girl Sara with atra? they have gotten so close lately.

Girl 2 : yes, im soooo jealous!! like why can't Atra be so close to us?

Girl 1 : Probably because we are so out of her league :(

example #2 :

guy 1: Dude i just broke up with my girl

guy 2 : bro why would you do that she got the whole package!! ( good looking, personality etc.)

guy 1: yeah i know but Atra has been in my mind for so long i can just not be with anyone else, one they i will be brave enough to ansk her out o_o

guy 2: i feel the same bro :( i just can't stand the beauty that shines out from her. one they one of us might be lucky enough to be with her.

by ThiccqQueen June 02, 2019
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