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you’re a queen atim fucking boss ass bitch, you love everyone and everything because you’ve got the most sweeteat heart and smile. you can walk over any guy because your beauty blows them away. ATIM - QUEEN AF
“hey omg, you know the new girl atim? yeah she’s so fucking pretty wth
by baddiebitchassfrrlolsss May 30, 2020
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Atim is a young, beautiful girl who is born in April making her an Aries ♈️ atim is also obsessed with TikTok she makes a lot of TikToks but she leaves them on private she is also a great artist and is very talented....
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Very caring and smart, mostly in maths. Loved by all and very sweet. Is a female
by Jucke June 1, 2020
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Someone who watches the animated show Adventure Time, short for 'adventure timers', which just sounds stupid.
A: So will you be watching stakes in November?
B: You do realise you're asking the world's biggest atimer, right?
by atimefan100 October 11, 2015
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A very strong and independent female. Beautiful and loved by all. Amazing personality and very honest.
That girl is amazing. She must be an atime.
by Jucke June 1, 2020
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