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Usually used as the definitive end of a typed statement, particularly when talking negatively about the content of that statement and where punctuation and grammar are questionable.

Popularised by first use on the OWLSTALK web forum and SteveZone websites.

Note, 'at all' must be written as one, e.g. 'atall' and 'said' remains seperate from 'atall'.
"I not do blumpkin atall said"
"you not see wwe babes and join stevezone atall said"
"I banned all spammers and swears atall said"
"you eat your own mugs and eyeballs smell of chicken atall said"
by deejayone July 17, 2009
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A condition where a male over-exaggerates his cold-like symptoms, mistakenly (or occasionally purposefully, for attention) thinking he has swine flu.

This is a more severe form of man flu.
Man: "Uggggh! I'm DYING!!!"

Woman: "No you're not"

Man: "I think I've got flu!"

Woman: "You've got the sniffles, you big puff"

Man: "No, I think I've got swine flu!"

Woman: "You've got Man Swine Flu! Now get up and put that shelf up."
by deejayone July 22, 2009
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