To get converted to a different band while high.
Darn it, i got assimilation to regga.
by Kuehlstein January 24, 2018
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To fit in with the Americans around you or go the fuck back where you came from.
Nick to cab driver: "You just passed the turn you idiot.. you need to assimilate. I am not paying you an extra dollar. Here is $25.
by Golden Frog June 23, 2009
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the art of getting ass; the art of having many sexual expiriences.
yo babii! don't hate on me cause i was gettin' my assimilation on!
by master p March 3, 2005
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1) The guy/girl trying to assimilate you was never your friend. You're divided from him/her for a good reason.

2) The guy didnt assimilate to people not from his neighborhood, it was his neighborhood, not theirs.
by Solid Mantis November 6, 2020
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When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they become involved in this reproduction ritual to bring young into the world.
Young boy: Daddy, where did I come from?

When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, they assimilate and kids are born.
by MattsyKun September 28, 2011
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Another name for toilet paper (bungwipe, paper toliets, rollios, TP, buttwipe, etc.)
{James, in a toilet stall adjacent to one that somebody else is using}: Hey buddy next door! Do you have any assiton assimilators that I can borrow?
by Telephony April 26, 2014
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The act of an individual, group or nation assimilating to the culture of immigrant populations rather than the immigrant populations assimilating to the culture of the host nation.
Guy 1. "When Abdul and his family moved into the street we thought they may like to join in and be a part of our community. Instead some of our liberal neighbors converted to Islam and now demonize what is left of our community."

Guy 2. "Yeah well, that's reverse assimilation for you.."
by TradWaman March 6, 2019
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