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Small flecks of turd that cling to your anus hair that require a scraper, or similar instrument, to remove.
Toilet paper just wasn't enough to get rid of those assicles so I also used the flattened roll.
by Emresh June 24, 2006
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A contraction of the words ass and icicle. It is the result of swass(sweaty ass) cooling to below zero temperatures, creating ice on the buttocks.
I was walking briskly through the mall finishing up my Christmas shopping and my ass became very sweaty. When I was finished and walked outside to my car the freezing weather turned my sweat into assicles.
by Pinder807 December 24, 2009
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A way to describe a very cold rear end.
What your butt feels like after ice, snow, or really cold water has been put down the back of your pants.
I've been standing out in the cold freezing my butt off so long I think I have an assicle.
by reaperslay January 19, 2009
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Gross bit of shit attached to an ass. Like dags on a sheep.
Word to describe an asshole.
Go suck some assicles, loser.
by Non-assicle. January 17, 2009
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semi-digested food that hardens and sticks to your asshole
i was fucking some girl doggy-style in the pussy and she had a huge assicle
by markey doyle cullen May 15, 2003
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the icy cling-on stuff that hangs off the panties of a long-haired dog in snowy cold weather
whoah, look at the assicle buildup on that collie!
by stoney February 05, 2004
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When your ass is so cold it feels as though there is an icicle up it..

Also used to describe a lousy situation.
by Loyal-X August 07, 2010
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