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One who is generally acting like an idiot, or, someone pretentious who is extremely annoying (i.e. bimbos in any public place screaming complete nonsense and laughing maniacally in their cell phones so you can hear what a fun conversation they're having...)
Buffy yelled "OHH MYYY GODDDDDDD!!! HE DID NOTTTT!?!?!?!" into her cell phone while in her BMW convertible in butts-to-nuts traffic next to the surfer dudes in the 1972 Chevy Impala that they paid $7500 for. The dudes looked at her in disgust and said to each other "She is an assham."
by The Real Reporter January 12, 2004
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When your walking in a crowd and the smell seeps from the ass cheeks and surprises your nostrils with a rank ass stench.
Waitin in line at disneyland, and mrs. fatty tourist son of a bitch stadin in front fo me chaffin like fuck and gettin her ass ham in my face.
by The Logman October 16, 2006
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having a nasty ass; an ass that looks like chipped ham. A gross, untoned, disgusting ass.
sean, you have some serious ass ham
girl ew, you got some ass ham going on there, tone that shit up!
by nabricarol April 25, 2011
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