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An insult.

A person who deserves to be deemed as a crusted skin flake from someone's ass, or as dried shit that flakes off from someone's ass.
John, you fucking assflake! You suck.
by Kate March 31, 2005
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Dried cum which surrounds the anal region after sex.
I rocked the poo palace last night and woke up to a bed full of ass flakes.


Remember that chick last night? I did'nt know whether to eat the ass flakes or the grilled cheese this morning.

by F.O.C. (Federation of Cock) September 28, 2006
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macho men, mostly in military, who use their big "hot bods" of muscles to get ladies, but they actually have no intellect whatsoever and can barley breathe without reminders.
That guy I just met at LA Fitness seems like a total assflake
by HeartTheArt1127 June 17, 2009
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