When the vagina and/or asshole are ripped forming one rift.
Damn bitch, I just ripped your vagina and made you an asscunt.
by Heywood Ublomie April 2, 2009
A term some men give their ass, which they pretend is a vagina.
Stick it in my asscunt.
by xxoo May 15, 2003
A bitchy bully who degrades you and does not help you at all . Motherfucking asscunt.

Like this girl: Katie Akulova
Katie is an asscunt
by killlakillasscunts July 8, 2018
when someone is such an asshole...it spreads to other regions.

you are the biggest asscunt I have ever seen.....do you have a sharpie?
by imperviouslyred September 22, 2006
1. A rather large and portly woman, typically condescending and large of bosom. Her "expertise" is narrow, her girth is not.
2. A homosexual man who is lesbian in nature, often lightheartedly referred to as: light in the loafers. A.K.A. a fairy.
3. One who enjoys the ungodly pleasures of anal stimulation.
Cameron asscunt Mannheim, Boy asscunt George, Clay asscunt Akin, Paris asscunt Hilton
by Andrew B. Banta February 3, 2009
A woman who is an ass as well as a cunt.
That girl I fucked last night was a total asscunt, She did't even let me donkey punch her.
by conebone911 May 28, 2011
usually a male person who is homosexual, and likes it up the arse
damn that guy is such a asscunt!!!
by einar March 25, 2003