The dipshit kinda guy we all know 10 of.
I ran into that old asscunt Kevin yesterday.
by Ray P March 21, 2007
The female version of a gooch. The area where the ass and vagina meet.
My asscunt is smelly, itchy, and it stinks.
by babygmamaa June 30, 2011
An error placed in typically proprietary software code that should never be seen by the user. Typically whenever a user sees this error, bad things happen.
Greg just got an asscunt from the server.
by Biggs Driut January 29, 2004
When someone's asshole is both an excretion hole and a pleasure hole at the same time. Usually homosexual men have an asscunt due to their love for anal sex. Women, woh's partners also love anal, also have an asscunt.
OMG, I heard that Danilo has an asscunt and that his bf loves to cum inside it.
by HOSEDED May 9, 2022
a merger between the asshole and the cunt. most often someone of whit with low strength and low principal. most often male, asscunts are known to provoke and withdrawl. it is theorized that asscunts are an unfortunate byproduct of the West's protection of free speech and discrimination of violent offenders. while in other parts of the world, asscunty traits are eliminated rather rapidly, they tend to thrive in areas that promote defense of the pre-evolved form of asscunts known simply as shitbags. often deserving of a good beat down but illusive enough to evade any such due harm.
John: Quinton was fucking with this kid - taking shots at him big time. Humiliating him. That's when buddy leapt for em but somehow the asscunt evaded him. and somehow he got everybody to laugh at this guy who didn't do anything wrong. can you believe society gives these people props?

Ted: yeah... unfortunately.
by dicklickinballs October 10, 2017
someone who moves in on a person intending to do harm under the guise of ignorant innocence
John: watch this video. this guy walks up on this black lady with a camera and she ends up getting charged with assault for trying to knock his camera out of his hands. The whole time he plays ignorant even though he's poking her.

Ted: What a fucking asscunt.

John: no kidding. effective tho. if he wanted her out of his neighbourhood he won.

Ted: yeah.. I guess so. He won like an asscunt. Can you believe the law protects these people?

John: ... fuck.. I guess so. not every law tho
by dicklickinballs October 10, 2017
The ass of an effeminate man that is well used by other men.
Tom went out searching for an Asscunt tonight.,
by Manchvegas EddieG July 13, 2021