A stupid person, one incapable of making rational decisions.
Chris acted like an assclown at his party. He talked shit and was proven wrong at every turn.
by dadaevan May 30, 2008
Someone who uses this website to push their political views.
US inhabitant is a real assclown!
by Scoomdot October 29, 2005
An epic insult to throw back during a cussing match once all typical words have been used, you know, like dickhead, twat, etc. Often user of the word will have knowledge of Y2J and tell people to shut, the hell, up.
by Choadfish December 5, 2013
socrates, you're such an an assclown
by connor "poo" powell December 8, 2008
someone who thinks they are at a point where everything they say and do is correct, when in fact everything they say and do is dumb and completely hilarious. Tend to be Canadian.
My friend Kevin thinks that thumbs grow back if you cut them off, he's such an assclown
by bob cox eb September 25, 2011
Someone who blames George Bush for everything, including a hurricane in New Orleans.
Assclown #1: That idiot Bush and his big oil people caused the hurricane in New Orleans.
Assclown #2: Yeah, I heard there were black helicoptors in the area just before the levy broke.
by EyeHeartA2 January 7, 2008