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1.To get dominated, owned, or rocked by some unfortunate, overwhelming event, action, or person.

2. To dominate, own, or rock someone or something.

Synonymous with "you got served."
The quarterback got assblasted by the lineman's ferocious sack.
by IS SKYE January 05, 2005
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Mark was excited to get ass blasted in a hotel room with a bunch of guys.
by Jonnyphantom December 13, 2015
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"Ass blasted" or the phrase "blasted me in the ass" was popularized by the influential tv show 'Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia'. It is most often used in a semi-ironic way. It means to have been wronged, gotten, or mistreated by someone or something.
"Dude I totally just got blasted in the ass by my boss. He changed the deadline to this afternoon!"

"Bro, I just got assblasted by Tom. He's raising the rent by 30%."
by zucc the ducc November 24, 2017
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