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Someone who is a skid mark on society, dumb and incoherent. Usually when drunk does the real perpetrator of this crime come out.
Nate, " Man was kolt fucked up tonight."
Mike " Yeah he was acting like a real ass stain."
by timmy johnston April 01, 2007
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doesn't exist, if you mean "shit stain" or "turd/poop stain" it makes sense but your ass physically does not stain, if you use this word you're a moron.
"Damn I got an ass stain dude"
"You mean shit stain you idiot"
by Carlbrad05 February 28, 2017
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A stain normally left on tighty whities after you take a poop wipe then do some sort of exercise and light brown marks show up!
Patrick was running in his tighty whities again when he took them off there was an ass stain in them
by B-rad m May 02, 2008
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