Someone who craves the ass, licking and kissing the anal, a lot of tongue is involved. They would much rather have a piece of ass than a piece of cake.
Crystal Lewis is a binge ass eater, she claims to not be hungry, but once Analucia enters with that fat ass, Crystal dives for a tasting.
by Hunteryum June 15, 2015
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Someone Who Follows Lil-B's Fitness diet.

Little B says eat 10 cups of Booty to stay healthy !
The average human body is 70% water.
Mine Is 80 Percent Booty !
Ayee Yo mann

I know you aint still nibblin on those carrots bruh

I thought you was a Ass-Eater
by SnoopDoge January 20, 2015
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One who Craves eating a dirty stinky hole and the shit that comes from it.
by Bert December 11, 2003
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Apparel that is worn extremely tight or loose (usually shorts, sweat/jogging pants, and loose dresses) that gathers all up in the ass while walking or bending over which gives the appearance that the ass is eating them.
Girl, you need to take off those tight ass eaters and go put on something that will cause a little less chafing.
by kit569kat April 17, 2006
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when your are having hard sex then he starts to play baby shark and pinches your ass
"he is such a ass eater"
"he started playing baby shark and pinching my butt"
by irishbro0onYouTube January 28, 2019
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A member of the table 300 club, who all love to munch on the ass, fresh from the shower..
Muk, egg, Rae and crew are all ass eaters and devour ass like it’s a Krispy Kreme Doughnut
by Dirty-Link June 21, 2019
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