The end part of the colon that connects to the anus. This is where your dick goes when you fuck some chick (or dude for those that swing that way) up the ass.

Also an insult. Calling someone an ass pipe is much worse than calling them an asshole.
As i was tappin' my bitch's ass pipe she really started to hollerin'

You are such an ass pipe!
by dashiznit November 4, 2004
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obnoxious person, stuck on themselves, always want to be first. greedy, selfish, wanting more without providing something in return
That ass pipe just pulled in front of that other car in that construction zone by speeding up, so the other driver had to slam on their brakes
by Naughty Possum June 23, 2017
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A man that continues to only enjoy or put forth pleasure through the anus. Little respect held so therefore he holds this title.
I saw that ass pipe walk out of the bathroom with a cringing smirk on his face, and when I entered the bathroom there were two other men passed out on the ground.
by babbo xmas December 10, 2006
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A person with their head firmly entrenched in their rectum. Frequently doling out misinformation and refusing to admit when wrong. A combination of asshole and asshat
That professor is an ass-pipe. He was wrong on several points and refused to listen to differing opinions.
by Irish619 December 2, 2010
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