when your boss shoves a phone up your ass after you've hacked it and changed the pictures of all his contacts to porn stars
"dude i came into work today and got massive ass phone"
by jb923 January 30, 2018
A smart phone that has been "apped out" with all kinds of annoying lights, noises, and virtual effects.
Dude#1 God, I am going to smash Josh's phone if he plays that Drama button one more time.

Dude#2 I hear you. He has turned it into a real smart ass phone.
by DRH the third April 29, 2013
Phrase used to verbalize just how much you don't want to do something
I'd rather sandpaper a bobcat's ass in a phone booth filled with kerosene than to have to your mom out again!
by Autohaulic July 16, 2008