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n. One who packs any object into his or any other mans rectal cavity. Generally one that is called an "ass packer" is known for engaging in intercourse with another male (i.e. fucking him up the ass) although the penis-to-anus contact is not necessary for one to be dubbed an "ass packer"
"Sam Compton is such an ass packer. He'll stick anything up there"
by skinanbones08 March 09, 2005
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1 the queer eye guys are asspackers.
2 ally your such an asspacker u butfucked ted
by jsjsjsjsjs May 16, 2005
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Homosexual male. Some synonyms are gaylord, fudgepacker, bum pirate, ... basically a super gay dude who has anal sex with another cakeboy.
Jeff, you are such an old 'effin asspacker.

Barry, why are you and Jeff such flaming asspackers? Stop having man on man sex together everyday!
by FraserFras May 19, 2005
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One who packs another males ass, it's an insult so they don't really need to for you to call them it.
Someone calls you stupid...
You say, "Shut up ya stupid ass packer
by Vanilla Gorilla January 25, 2005
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