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n. One who packs any object into his or any other mans rectal cavity. Generally one that is called an "ass packer" is known for engaging in intercourse with another male (i.e. fucking him up the ass) although the penis-to-anus contact is not necessary for one to be dubbed an "ass packer"
"Sam Compton is such an ass packer. He'll stick anything up there"
by skinanbones08 March 09, 2005

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The Priory of Sion was/is a brotherhood that keeps/kept an ancient secret concerning the heritage of Jesus Christ and The Holy Grail. They established the Knights Templar and cherged them with excavating the site under Herod's Temple in search of the grail itself.
He was the leader of the Priory of Sion.
by skinanbones08 March 08, 2005

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Yet another metaphore for male masturbation.
"Man, I was punishing Percy all night long last night"
by skinanbones08 March 08, 2005

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AP Government. The hardest and most rediculous class ever imagined.

Can also represent any other AP course but the origional AP Death is definatly AP Gov w/ Mrs. Six-King
Student One - "Hey, how did you do on that AP Gov. test?"

Student Two - "I got reemed. My asshole still hurts from that test. Mrs. Six-King is a frickin' psycho. No wonder they call it AP Death..."
by skinanbones08 May 04, 2005

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A religion created by Constantine the Great, a roman ceasar around 400 AD, modeled after the Pagan religion from which he ascribed. Taking a "prophet," one Jesus Christ, he created a divine being for the sole purpose to control both church and state. Or in other words, for money.
christianity is a hoax
by skinanbones08 March 08, 2005

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