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When your asshole is so destroyed from over-penetration that it has big dangling lips.
"I can pick dimes up off the sidewalk with my ass lips."
by Fake Pete November 04, 2006
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When a women wears shorts that are too small and the bottom of her ass sticks out.
When that chick walks away, you totally notice her ass lips.
by e-rock1 October 22, 2005
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If your ass could speak the cheeks would serve as lips.

An asslip is one who makes absurd verbal representations, all the while full of, what they know to be bullshit.

Hence, because a person excretes absurdities meant for their ass, through their lips, everything that is said or done by them is considered shit.

Plural- Asslips
Singular- Asslip
*Can be used as a Noun, Verb, Adverb or Pro-noun or any other grammatical term.
Example 1-
Person 1: Did you hear what he just did!?
Person 2: Yeah, what an Asslip.

Example 2-
Person 1: Lets go and get Ari, he is taking so damn long..
Person 2: Hey, what’s taking you so long Asslips!?
by germayne48 February 02, 2011
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