When a person's (usually a black person) skin is so dry it looks as white as ash from a fire.
Guy: Do you have any lotion? I'm ashy as heck
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by dodobirrd March 13, 2020
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She’s using someone’s death to advertise her business. That’s some ashy shit right there.
by MavenNoire October 16, 2020
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Ashy can mean many different things. It's a word used to describe someones negative status, negative feelings, or negative being in any way. Ashy can mean shitty, broke, tired, dirty, old, gay, busted, etc...
Damn bro I've been up all night partying, I'm so Ashy right now.

Man that chump is driving an Ashy car.

You just got paid, how could you already be ashy man?
by GangusKahn August 02, 2010
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a whore . walk into any 4th grade and up classroom , flash a picture of someone named ashy and 100% of the guys and half the girls have slept with her
*walks into 4thgrade classroom* ok who has slept with ashy .

everyone raises hand
by thebestguyever September 29, 2012
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Ashy is an asshole but she likes dogs n other stupid shit. Ashy also likes donuts ;D
Ohmigod Ashy is a fucking slut ;))))
by xXAshyXx August 17, 2017
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Ashy is a girl who's very loud, bubbly, approachable but has a very mysterious side to her. She's very pretty but not gorgeous, which always keeps her humble. She's always the life of the party and whenever someone's sad she's always the first one to cheer them up. She loves food more than she loves makeup. She's very creative and unpredictable, you'll sometimes find her either singing, inventing a new recipe, stealing someone's food or reading a book. She's not girlfriend material though. She's more like wifey material as she's very domesticated, good with kids, reliable, charitable, hard-working, loyal, gives the best shoulder and back massages and she is only driven to be the very best she can be. Ashy is also super likeable, once you meet her ... you're hooked. She has a lot of acquaintances but not a lot of friends. But the friends she does have are mostly boys, as girls don't usually like mixing with her.

Ultimately Ashy is the greatest friend, girlfriend or wife anyone could ever ask for.
Stranger: Woah! Who was that pretty girl who stole my food?
Random guy: Oh, that's Ashy.
by whoyoucallingapinhead February 05, 2020
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