A guy that no matter how many women love him, no matter how pretty he is, no matter how many over-the-hill milfs he dates, will Never be able to act.

No ladies, we don't hate him because we're jealous. We hate him because he's a no-talent dumbass and we're sick of it. Y'know, the same reason you all hate Pamela Anderson.
Did you hear about the movie Cameron Crowe was set to direct, starring Kirsten Dunst? They gave Ashton an audition and he was so bad they never called him back. Absolutely true story, look it up yourself.
by Kyle September 07, 2004
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An untalented acting monkey, who to some people is actually funny. He has made millions of dollars pulling dumbass, tasteless jokes on celebrities, while simultaneously have either A) having massive ADHD attacks or B) having large seizures. Both performed on a stool.
Child: Mommy, what's wrong with that monkey on the TV?

Mother: He's Ashton Kutcher. And I don't know, Billy. I don't know.
by FightClubber December 29, 2008
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the most overrated actor right now. he tries so hard to be funny but it's embarrassing how but he is when he tries. it's highly doubtful he ever took acting school.
oh look, ashton kutcher is making an ass of himself on punk'd again.
by RayH January 15, 2004
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A long-haired hippie who bangs Demi Moore.

Hosts a shitty pop-culture television show called "Punk'd," but infact should host a show called, "Pussy-whip'd," which shows pussy-whipped males get 0wned by non-pussy-whipped males.
Lisa: OMGZOZRZ!!111 PUNK'''D SI ON!111

Intelligent people: Just stfu. We don't want to hear it, bitch.
by Canned Duck December 22, 2003
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man-child that that makes a living pulling childish pranks on celebrities
John: Did you see that immature guy back there acting like a 10 year old?

Bill: Yeah, he's such an Ashton Kutcher
by RockStar08 January 18, 2007
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an effeminate hippie "stick man" who is bangin an old skank gettin some of them Bruce Willis leave-ins
by ew goo September 04, 2004
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An alternative name for a really chronic strain of marijuana named Kush

Kutcher sounds like Kush

Instances of term used in main stream media:

"Light that Ashton Kutcher"

-Blunt Blowin - Lil Wayne

"Ashin' Kusher" by Kid Cudi
Hurry up and light up that Ashton Kutcher, im tryin to get baked son.

Roll up that Ashton Kutcher bro.
by Pnizzle126 January 22, 2012
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