An extremely sexy and hilarious actor, that's right i said ACTOR because he CAN act.
Ashton Kutcher is often mistaken for a hippe, someone who can't act, or someone who dates older women.
In truth the only one that is actually correct is the last one, which is a very sad fact.
Bob: Aww man, did you see Ashton Kutcher in that movie last night? He's so stupid, plus he's a terrible actor.

Kate: STFU. He happens to be a great actor and a whole lot smarter than you, maybe that's why so many people hire him.

Bob: ... Whatever
by KateeKay February 02, 2009
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Ashton Kutcher - Became an Instant dad the moment he got on with Demi Moore. (See Instant Dad)
Mother fucking ashton kutcher, the guy that became instant dad because he is with demi moore who is a 40 something year old MILF that's still pretty OK looking.
by RandomScaper July 07, 2009
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when you're about to bone a dude you don't really want to bone, so you make a fake vagina with your hands, and the dude gets punk'd by your fake vagina.
I was so drunk last night and I ended up at home with Brad, so I had to ashton kutcher him so he would leave my apartment.
by spread mollusk September 01, 2017
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Cocaine. Names of white people such as Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus allude to the drug Cocaine.
by UltimateRuffles October 29, 2019
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