that is a asgore
by asgore March 21, 2016
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asgore is a character from undertale also known as the ruler/king in undertale. asgore will also fight frisk in the end of the pacifist route.
person 1:yo dude i fought asgore in undertale it was pretty hard!
person 2:nah sans is a harder boss fight
by notlemonthekiller September 5, 2020
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Undertale character. King of the monsters, likes golden flowers, ex-husband of Toriel, murdered six innocent children... Like you do.
In game quotes about Asgore:
"They... Asgore... Will kill you."
"Ol' King Fluffybuns?"
by Psychedelicflyingshark June 9, 2016
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Asgore is the final boss of the Neutral route and the only fight in the New Home area near the end of the game
You naive child...

If you leave the RUINS...



Will kill you.

- Toriel
by YoshiGPLS January 9, 2023
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