A phrase seen on products which is the only means of persuasion for this company to get you to buy a piece of shit.
WO! This Grabbo-Arm can hold a spoon to scoop out pudding with ease! This product was "AS SEEN ON TV"! I should probably buy it!
by A Little Pinprick July 14, 2006
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Anything I've ever bought with an "As Seen On TV" seal on it is a Piece of Shit!
by paulieboy1 July 9, 2018
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Translated: Junk to clutter your living space such as mops, pet hair removers, brooms, plastic exercise equipment and ugly bras. This crap is targeted to the old folks, the unemployed, and women who call in sick to work market, who watch television in the mid morning and after 2am.
Huge font advertising on boxes of clearance items in Walmart "As Seen On TV"!
by KImCobain July 28, 2017
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Term to be used as an adjective, to describe when a situation or conversation is or was so cliche, stereotypical or fake in content or feeling that it seems as if it could only be on TV. Abbreviated ASOT.
When Jimmy and dad had one of those 'father-son moments' after they decided it was best not to tell mom about Jimmy sneaking out in her car to see Jane, it was entirely As Seen On TV.
by Quinn Allen June 7, 2007
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What they pixelize when someone moons da camera.
If you wanna actually eyeball da "ass seen on TV" moments "sans editing", you'll hafta buy da "too hot for television" tape or DVD, and sign a waiver asserting dat you're 21 or over..
by QuacksO December 30, 2019
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